the house

Some houses can be peaceful, but other houses can be filled with spirits that don’t want anyone or anything on their property to be moved or touched.

Understand that a house can cry out for help, but spirits will not allow anyone to change it.

A house was donated to me in White Plains.  From the moment I went in the house, I knew there was something wrong. The house would have noises at night and I would see shadows passing by me as well as felt like I was being watched. I couldn’t eat in the house; it was as if my food was poisoned. Every time I ate in the house I would get nauseous, dizzy, and drained with no energy. Since I could not eat in the house, I drank nutritional shakes for 5 months.

The spirits sometimes would demand that I leave the house, but I wouldn’t leave. I thought, “What can I do?” The first thing I did was change the kitchen, the bathroom, and even the floor in the basement.

One day I heard a voice say, “I want to be here, but I don’t want to be with you.” I decided to go to the house in Long Island thinking I would be at peace. However, the spirits followed me to the Long Island house and did the same thing. I started to pray and it seemed to calm down. After two weeks, I went back to White Plains and prayed to God to release these spirits from the house. As of now, I’ve had to cover flooring and change furniture around to cover images in the floor. Through prayer and the power of God, I will cast out these spirits.

The solution is not to run away because the spirits will follow you to the next house. The spirits remains in the house because they do not know where to go and they feel uncomfortable inhabiting among the living. The only way to resolve this torment of spirits is to call Lina, who has the gift of God and firsthand experience with this type of situation. Lina will ask the spirits what they want in order to stop tormenting the people that reside in the house. The spirits respond that they want Lina to pray to have their soul reunited with God. Once you do this the house will be free and you can live in peace and tranquility.