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The winds and the waves may  
Be raging around a woman
Named Lina!
She fixes her eyes on God.
At the sound of his voice
Lina knows that God’s
Peace is with her. 
His presence is always around her
Like the sun pouring out of the sky
No matter what, God will never
Abandon her life.
He is her rock, her fortress
And her guide
Through hard and painful times
Lina stays strong while holding
God’s hands.
Through times with people putting
Her down and looking at her with
Eyes of jealousy
Lina stayed strong while holding God’s hands.
When evil tries to attack
God made sure she has
Grace from God
To push them back to
God’s presence will cheer her heart
And warm her days
She endures all the work of God’s fingers
The sun and stars
The land and the seas
She starts to wonder
Almighty creator.
Just why you would
Take thoughts of me
Yet you have!
Call me by name
God you are acquainted with my ways
I am your dwelling place
To worship you is what I live for. 
I remember his great mercy and love
I will trust in God’s strength
When I am weary
I will serve you with my whole heart
This I know.
I know God your love is forever
And I will serve you with my
Whole heart!
This I know your love forever
I will sing about it all day long
I know that there is no one else
Like you God!
God, you know my future
Like you know my past
You, who made the mountains,
And the seas
Measured out the universe
And you made me.
So the echoes of the voice
That called the world to be
Reach through the ages now
You speak to me!