The children of Emptiness

When parents don’t take the responsibility to love their children from the moment of conception to the day of their birth, the child grows with an empty heart and not a full heart of love.

Children should be loved by their parents just like the Blessed Mother loved her son Jesus.

If children aren’t loved, they grow up with a feeling of not ever being wanted. Some children even become so depressed and can’t understand why. This is due to the neglect of the parents. If the parents can’t love their children then they should have thought twice before bearing them. The emptiness will follow from generation to generation. Without the fullness of love, the children who become adults will never know the true meaning of life or love. Life and love are a precious gift that God gives to everyone, if only they would learn to use it.

Lina was isolated from her family and she suffered a lot from childhood to her adult life. When she sees people who come to her for help, she can recognize the loneliness and emptiness in other people. She still feels the isolation and emptiness from her childhood. She knows how these people feel.

Please don’t give up living happy! God will help and Lina will pray to God to make you happy again. Don’t give up, we can’t forget the past, but we can heal the future.

Lina can help bring God back into your life and heal the emptiness. God will always give the love back to you, because we are his children. God’s love is forever, not for just a day. Immaculate Mary loves Jesus like God loves us.


How to recognize the disturbance of jealousy

Jealousy was created by the devil and it is full of fantasy of false love that can be dangerous and sometimes lead to homicide. To protect yourself from these dangers, you must consecrate all of your things to God Universe. When you consecrate your things, such as work or your car, then it becomes protected by God Universe so no evilness can take it. It is especially important to consecrate your children to God Universe at birth to protect your child every day and to have a peaceful life that is filled with success. Prayer is a powerful weapon that helps you to visualize and focus on what you have to do calmly. Peace in the heart is the richness of life and it cannot be bought, but we can all have it by praying to God Universe, say 1,000 Our Father’s and 700 Hail Mary’s. After you pray, peace comes to your heart. The reason you feel peace is because you have driven the devil out of your body.

Jealousy is a powerful weapon that devils and witches use to send millions of evil spirits that ruin the family. That jealousy can last for a lifetime and at times cause satanic maledictions. But God Universe blesses his children’s body, soul, spirit and divinity so envy is taken away. You have to pray every day to have a quiet and serene life. Prayer is very important in your life; make sure to offer your prayers to God Universe. Prayers are like having money in the bank, you need prayers in your bank before a problem so you can receive the grace or healing. With prayer and faith in God Universe, you can have great success in your life. The jealousy is a demonic power that if you do not know how to protect yourself, you will be ruined.


God Universe came on Earth to bring justice for his children

Lina always prays when she is afraid of being attacked by the devil, every little thing she asks Immaculate Mary for guidance. Lina received the message that there were souls in the sea. Lina did not know what to do for the souls, she prayed to God Universe to come on earth to gather these souls. These souls were soldiers who were dispersed in war during the Civil War and the Iraq War. These souls were prisoners twice. For the first time physically in life, and the second in spirit because the devil possessed their soul and used them spiritually against their will. The souls were found on the beach in the waves and the shore; each soul had their own story and was forced to obey the devil’s command or else they would be tortured. The souls were slaves to the devil for many centuries and trapped at the bottom of the sea.

Lina D’Uva went for a walk at Jones Beach, at the beach near the water she heard a group of voices asking for help but she could not see anyone around her. Lina took pictures were she heard the voices. Lina has the gift to hear the souls and she asked them, “How did you end up in the sea?” The souls responded, “We were dumped in the sea during the Civil War in 1318.” These were the first souls that Lina freed from the water.

Another time, Lina heard voices at Rye Beach, New York. The voices asked for help to pray for them who were slaves of the devil. They said they were from the Vietnam War. Lina does not know a lot about history because she never studied history so this is all new to her. These souls, who have been freed from the devil, pray for their family members to not cry for them anymore because now they are with God Universe and they are happy. Other souls want to give messages to their families, if you have a loved one lost at war call Lina D’Uva at 1-914-358-1986, she is happy to help you.


A message from a spirit in Venice

Lina D'Uva's life is always busy, she can never stand still. God Universe wants Lina to write this message: “Today a spirit came to Lina and said, "I am from Venice, Italy, you have been to this famous city built in the water that keeps human souls fresh at the bottom of the sea and these human souls are the slaves of the devil." Another voice said, "Be quiet, don’t let her know." Lina does not have the knowledge to know this, but God Universe does know and you are judged and punished.

103 (3).jpg

The Solar attack of spirits near the sun

Lina stood at Jones Beach looking at the sun, she saw two spirits and flowing liquid from the sun. She did not know what was happening.

In Desperation Lina turned to God Universe

Lina's despair with her sick family, with unhealthy illnesses. She is a serene woman, though she is a big problem if she keeps herself in it. But she sought help from the doctors but was not as happy as the family went ahead.

Then she dared to pray more and more to ask God Universal to come to earth to save her family who was attacked by cruel enemies with satanic occultism, which is very corrupt in today's world.

Lina has many experiences because she has suffered a lot and God Universe gave the gift to Lina to heal her family, herself, and to help others without profit. The phone number to call is 1-914-358-1986 and she is happy to help you.

The assistance of spiritual war with water and fire

Lina is always careful to take photos in the waters of the sea to find out how many souls are overflowing into the sea. There are souls who want to find their family, who have been overflowing in different places and they ask to pray for them because they are slaves of the devil.


The spiritual war of fire

Lina received the message from the Immaculate Mary to take pictures around the sun because something was happening. In the photos you can see burnt bodies, visions of injured people and deformed bodies. Lina wrote this to show the photos with the hope that someone knows that this is happening in the world.


What are the symptoms of knowing when you have been deceived by the demon control?                    

1.    Continuous head pain

2.    Stomachache

3.    Cannot sleep at night

4.    Have scary dreams and afraid to sleep in the dark

5.    Want to cry without knowing the reason

6.    Do not want to live and be abandoned by everyone

7.    Do not have the urge to get up and have pain all over the body

8.    Severe depression that you no longer want to live and want to die

9.    When children go to school they cannot learn, they cannot pay attention, they are disturbed and they cry that they do not even know what they want

These are all demonic disturbances that are not known. It is necessary to pray for the liberation of the body, soul, spirit, divinity, and the presence of a demonic spirit. Consecrate your children to God Universe that with his protection we will be free from the demon's slavery. If you do not seek help you will be sick throughout your life. These demonic disturbances go from generation to generation.                         

Generations are not born with sickness, but it is the devil that makes them sick. God Universe has never created sick children but it is the devil that ruins generations. This must end; do not blame God Universe. God Universe wants his children to know where evil comes from, and tell them, to not forgive the evil. The devil must be brought to justice, say these words: "In the name of God Universe, I do not forgive my enemy for the evil that they have done to me. God Universe, bring them to justice." With these words the enemy will be judged and punished. This is the message of the new world to follow. God Universe is on earth to free his children from the cruel devil and bring justice for eternity.


How to know the deception of the evil sickness?

A girl came to Lina who had many pains behind her legs. She suffered for five years with deformed veins that had formed with the faces of evil spirits and dark bloody color on her legs.

The healing of unknown diseases in the veins on the legs was created by the envy from the evil. They cursed the 16 year-old girl with unhealthy illnesses. Lina shows these photos to let us know the girl's enemies. God Universe helps all those in need with great miracles, and the prayer succeeded in healing her legs. God Universe came to earth to save his children and to free them from the cruel devil of jealousy and envy. With this black magic the curse is hidden behind innocent people and it ruins their life with no pity. Dear enemies, God Universe sends a message to the girl's enemies, "It is best that you give it up because you will be judged and the evil you do will go back to you. The game of the occult has to stop otherwise you will be severely punished by God Universe. God Universe does not forgive you, there is no forgiveness. Think well before hurting."


The miracle received from God Universe

 A 38 year-old young man with his head full of tumors under the skin has healed. You see the hair fallen, full of blood and hardened bacteria. Lina shows you the picture to let you know where evil comes from and how to help yourself  by praying. Call this number 1-914-358-1986 for the prayer of healing the infamy of the devil and receive the miracle of healing from God Universe.

In this photo there are faces. These faces mean that he was cursed by demonic people with envy and jealousy. This poor man suffered with pain that he cried day and night. He took medicine to calm the pain. He felt a little better but then the pain began to worsen. He suffered for about six years. The young man's father went to Lina's house because he was looking for an apartment. He saw the altar and asked if Lina could pray for his son. Lina told him to come with his son to pray. Lina prayed for twenty minutes to calm down the pain that the young man had. Lina blessed olive oil and he wet his head with the olive oil each day. In a week he was cured. Thank you God Universe for the miracle he has received.