I want to tell you about a chosen woman from God. A woman who was plagued with sickness and heartaches. Her salvation was to pray to the Blessed Mother, Jesus and God. Through years of suffering she finally had a glorious day from God. She later became an instrument for God by giving her the power to heal.

A glorious gift from "God's hands to her hands." 

At one point in my life, my son who suffers with cerebral palsy had a very bad setback. He woke up one morning and couldn't stand or walk. His right arm would not stop shaking. I took him to the hospital and to doctors. He came out of remission, but he would continue to get seizures. My heart was broken to watch him suffer everyday. 

In July 2016 God sent us to Lina. Within three days with the prayers from Lina and remedies for healing, my son no longer needed a cane to walk. The shaking of his arm was gone and to this day he is fine. Thank you Lina and God! Lina is God's special person. - D.B.

Date: July 5, 2016

My son was born with cerebral palsy. For many years it stayed in a safe zone. At the age of 3, he began experiencing pain in his legs and left arm. In early February 2016, his illness became more painful, and more severe. His left arm would shake beyond control and he no longer could walk without pain and the use of a cane. He began getting panic attacks and also asthma. There was no improvement from the doctors, he just continued to suffer. Then it seemed that Jesus and the Immaculate Mary sent us to Lina D’Uva, she knew right away he was in great pain.

It was a miracle within hours she had prayed to Jesus and Immaculate Mary for my son, he was healed. By the next morning, he had no more pain, and was able to walk without a cane. His panic attacks and asthma attacks had completely stopped.

Through Lina’s prayers and the power of prayer, he is no longer in pain. Lina has a great gift from God, he chose her because of her goodness, love for others, and forgiveness and mercy. She truly has the power to heal. God bless her.

- D.B., Mom