I want to tell you about a chosen woman from God. A woman who was plagued with sickness and heartaches. Her salvation was to pray to the Blessed Mother, Jesus and God. Through years of suffering she finally had a glorious day from God. She later became an instrument for God by giving her the power to heal.

A glorious gift from "God's hands to her hands." 

At one point in my life, my son who suffers with cerebral palsy had a very bad setback. He woke up one morning and couldn't stand or walk. His right arm would not stop shaking. I took him to the hospital and to doctors. He came out of remission, but he would continue to get seizures. My heart was broken to watch him suffer everyday. 

In July 2016 God sent us to Lina. Within three days with the prayers from Lina and remedies for healing, my son no longer needed a cane to walk. The shaking of his arm was gone and to this day he is fine. Thank you Lina and God! Lina is God's special person. - D.B.

Date: July 5, 2016

My son was born with cerebral palsy. For many years it stayed in a safe zone. At the age of 3, he began experiencing pain in his legs and left arm. In early February 2016, his illness became more painful, and more severe. His left arm would shake beyond control and he no longer could walk without pain and the use of a cane. He began getting panic attacks and also asthma. There was no improvement from the doctors, he just continued to suffer. Then it seemed that Jesus and the Immaculate Mary sent us to Lina D’Uva, she knew right away he was in great pain.

It was a miracle within hours she had prayed to Jesus and Immaculate Mary for my son, he was healed. By the next morning, he had no more pain, and was able to walk without a cane. His panic attacks and asthma attacks had completely stopped.

Through Lina’s prayers and the power of prayer, he is no longer in pain. Lina has a great gift from God, he chose her because of her goodness, love for others, and forgiveness and mercy. She truly has the power to heal. God bless her.

- D.B., Mom


Date: December 13, 2018

From when I was born, there have always been hardships in my life. Growing up as a kid, I always felt like something was off and I wasn’t normal. I had very bad anxiety and never wanted to be away from my mom. I would cry every time I went to school and lived in constant fear and couldn’t focus properly. Simple things like going to a gymnastics practice, I would throw up before every time due to high anxiety and fear of something bad happening. I was sick all the time with strep throat and headaches from evil eye. After meeting Lina, her healing and praying changed my life for the better. I know for a fact that it is because her gift and God’s guidance I was able to move forward with my life and health. Through pray, God Universe helped me realize the root to all this anxiety, fear and hardships was my father, who practiced the occult. His constant abuse mentally, physically and emotionally had ruined my life from a young age. Every bad experience, every trauma and anxiety is always linked to him. Living with him is like living under a dark cloud. He is narcissist, controlling and never wanted the best for his kids. He would rather us serve and cater to his every need then move on in life and be healthy. As I grew older as a teen, I started to develop very debilitating migraines. In school, I was unfocused and for every success I had, I had to work twice as hard. Living in an abusive and toxic environment impacted my health and overall mental development from infant to adulthood. He cursed me to be isolated me from having friends or a love life, everyone I ever cared about, the minute they met him or came to our house, they would turn on me or disappear from my life. To make matters worse, I was my father’s “favorite” child, I tried to be nice and diplomatic but rather than treating me with respect, he treated me as his puppet and wanted to control my life. He has caused many difficulties in life and I refuse to be associated with him. I refuse to let him control me and my life. Every illness, tragedy and trust issues are all linked to my father cursing me and wishing for me to fail. I never knew that your own parent could wish the worst for you in life rather than support. Our house is not a home, it is a prison. The minute I would enter my front door- I started to feel sick with my head, my throat and depressed. After, getting very sick, I moved out of my house to heal and I see a positive difference. Lina still has to free me daily from my father cursing me, I still struggle with anxiety and health issues but I have peace and my overall health has significantly improved. I am so grateful to have Lina and God Universe in my life.  It is my free will, to live my life, have my freedom and peace for all eternity. -A

Date: December 16, 2018

Enough!  A long time ago, I dreamt to get married and have children.  That day came that I thought I met my soulmate.  There were things that were strange, but I second guessed myself, and after the wedding ceremony the nightmare started.  I was told from the groom just a few hours after taking vows that from that point on, “he was in charge.”  I still was stupid not to run at that point. So I stayed decades and children later to have a life of misery as I struggled with domestic violence, rape, assault, financial burden, disrespect and much more; to only find out I was married to the devil and who was continuously involved in witchcraft and sold his soul.  Now I am living on a pray for this devil to drop dead to free myself and my children.  This bionic man suffers from many ailments and serious health issues and still bounces back.  It’s an unbelievable and disgusting sight and situation.  Thank you to Lina, God Universe and the Holy Family for the prayers and strength. We wait for this miracle. –L.R.  

Date: September 2018

            I have been through a lot in my life. Many sicknesses, infections, a low immune system and brain issues. I knew I had to get out of my old job but I never knew it would be because of a life changing and deadly sickness.  Let me start in May of 2018, I began to finally apply to new jobs to get me out of the old job. I was speaking to one company in particular and was very hopeful about the job. I started to feel like I actually was going to escape this horrible office. I was with Lina looking for healing almost every day the week leading up to this trauma and I kept having this really bad feeling.  My whole life, anytime I start to feel happy or get excited about something, evilness always interferes and something always goes wrong usually with my health like I get sick or get a cold. I was praying to help me get this job, to move forward and to keep me healthy. On a Monday I was in the prayer room having Lina ask God to bless me as I went on this in-person interview at the company I wanted to work for. I prayed to destroy all my enemies that were blocking me from doing well at this interview. I remember feeling a sudden sharp pain in my right ear but figured it was nothing. Throughout this process of finding a job I was paranoid about answering emails in the office because I felt that evil spirits were all around me and I didn’t want to jinx any opportunity. I also had a lot of work to do so I was stressed with both trying to keep myself together and also trying to move forward with my career. That Wednesday night I was getting ready for bed. I was daydreaming about leaving my old job, and for the first time in a long time I was happy, hopeful and ready for a change. I kept having a bad feeling but figured that was just the devil trying to discourage me so I prayed and tried to tell myself to be positive. I kept saying to myself, “God Universe put me in this situation and God will get me out.” I was in my bathroom smiling and daydreaming about working for this new company when I went to go put toothpaste on my toothbrush all of a sudden the toothpaste spritzed into my right eye and I heard this woman’s voice like a bug say “YOU BITCH!” I thought I was just hearing things. I quickly started rinsing the toothpaste out of my eye but something felt strange. I had gotten toothpaste in my eye before but usually after you rinse it out, you feel better. I rinsed it but my right eye felt very strange. Regardless, I figured I should just go to sleep and it would be better in the morning. On a Thursday in June 2018 my life changed. I woke up for work but my right eye still hurt so badly. I had so much work and didn’t have time for my eye to be in pain. My right eye just felt like it was difficult to blink. Then around 12:30pm I took a lunch break. I even have a picture from 12:51pm my face is normal as usual and my eye was feeling better. I walked back into the old office and when I passed between the kitchen and conference room I felt like something just flew directly into my right eye. Then my right eye started tearing like crazy and it was in so much pain. I was using tissues and water to get whatever flew into my eye out but nothing was really helping. I just ignored it and kept working. (I would find out later that the curse/evil spirit of bells palsy was waiting for me on the conference room window, which is why once I passed that room. The evil spirit attacked my eye and immune system.) The right side of my face started to feel really tight and I was having trouble speaking and even drinking water it was spilling on me but I just assumed I was tired so I figured I would call Lina as soon as I got out of work because I wasn’t sure why I felt such tightness on my right cheek and jaw. I was scared I was cursed to have a stroke, which bells palsy does cause stroke like symptoms. But I never stopped working or looked in the mirror. My coworker was speaking to me a few times that afternoon and he kept giving me this strange look on his face like he was scared/confused. Finally I went in my car to go home and looked in the mirror, I saw that my smile was different. I could only see half my teeth but thought maybe my teeth shifted because I didn’t wear my retainer lately.

I got home to my bathroom and looked in the mirror not understanding why I couldn’t see the right side of my teeth; I kept trying to smile but only saw the left side of my teeth. I ran to my sibling, I saw her face and knew something was wrong, I began crying uncontrollably and said, “I can’t move my face and I don’t know what is happening.” She said it looked like bells palsy, she immediately grabbed her keys and we quickly drove over to Lina’s house because we knew this was an emergency. I got in touch with Lina and the minute I heard her voice I started crying and couldn’t speak. My sibling grabbed the phone and told Lina that the right side of my face dropped and I couldn’t move my mouth. I refused to believe I had gotten bells palsy at 24 years old. I remember my father had bells palsy twice which is very rare. He first got it in 2008 and then it came back 2010. He was older and it was a curse for him so I couldn’t believe I was a young girl that just got this. But I also figured that my father also probably had something to do with this curse. I ran into the prayer room with Lina and I was in tears. I was absolutely terrified because I had no idea what was happening and if my face would ever go back to normal. Lina was praying to undo so much evil and curses. Lina asked if I wanted to go to the hospital. I refused to go to any doctor or hospital. I firmly believed with my whole heart that God Universe and Lina would heal me and help me. I got the message to go home, I truly believed that overnight my face would go back to normal like this was just pretend and that my face really wasn’t drooping down the right side. The curse ultimately came from my old job because they knew I was leaving and they were very angry so they wanted to kill my family and me. The curse also came from my own father. I have been with Lina long enough to know that when something traumatic happens to your body in the spiritual and physical world then every thing else from the past also cleanses out so instead of having one curse you suddenly have to break and cleanse out a lot of other curses from the past, present and future. Lina had said to go home that Thursday night and do not go into work. At first I was arguing that I would be fine because I had so much work and didn’t want to let my boss down. My family gave me a lecture that I needed to quit and get out of there ASAP. I was trying to process that the right side of my face was deformed and partially paralyzed. I went home that night and I couldn’t really sleep. My mind was racing with all these thoughts about what was happening to me, I was in pain especially the right side of my head and I couldn’t even close my eye.

            The next morning I woke up and I called Lina right away- to my horror my face did not return overnight. So God said to go to the doctor to get medicine. Reality was setting in and I realized I did have bells palsy at 24 years old and all because I wanted to change my life for the better. I couldn’t even speak to the doctor without crying. The right half of my face was not moving, my head hurt and my eye was hurting and wouldn’t close. I couldn’t even drink anything without a straw because it would drip out of my mouth. Doctors do not know the root of bells palsy; it is presumably from a virus, ear infection or low immune system. This trauma causes a nerve in the brain to swell. This nerve is called the seventh cranial nerve, which allows your face to function and move. Without this nerve working properly, the face droops, gets stiff and swells. Bells palsy causes paralysis or weakness on one side of the face at a time. Most cases of bells palsy heals on its own. The doctor kept saying don’t worry, you will be fine but didn’t really give much insight to what happened and how to treat it. Thank God Universe for giving Lina the messages and guiding me on what to do. I also kept researching on the Internet; I found out that bells palsy is known as a “mysterious” sickness that people don’t know why it occurs. This makes sense that it is pure evil and a curse because even doctors don’t know how to treat it except the doctor gave me a steroid to take for about two weeks to help wake up the nerves. The only good news is that my face was only 70% paralyzed which means it was not 100% that would’ve meant more permanent damage. I swear that without Lina’s healing immediately after it happened that I would have been a lot worse. I believe with my whole heart that God saved me from the bells palsy spreading and being worse.

            The pain I felt was unimaginable, the right side of my head hurt had sharp pains and my face felt bruised. Since the nerve in my brain was swollen, any anxiety or crying would make my head hurt more and swell my eye/face. I needed my family, Lina and God more than ever to keep me positive and I kept asking them for reassurance that I was going to be ok. They all assured me that I would be fine. What hurt even more than my physical pain was seeing how worried and upset the people I loved most were. My family and Lina couldn’t even look at me without sadness in their faces and that really broke my heart because I could handle the pain but I could NOT handle them emotionally being in pain. Regardless, Lina was my strength with her healing, the prayers and the messages of encouragement from God Universe, Immaculate Mary and Jesus. To beat bells palsy all I could do is have no stress so my nerves/swelling can heal and I had to be positive, you have to remind your brain about muscle memory for the right side of the face to function again. I spent most of the day at Lina’s house. I had a feeling I could not go home if I wanted to heal properly because when my father sees you have a weakness or are sick, he uses it against you and makes you even more sick so you can never fully heal. I was terrified to show him I had gotten what he already had twice. I do not know how to properly put into words how grateful and appreciative I am to Lina, God Universe and the holy family for saving my life and healing me. I know Lina was so worried, she had to be my strength and gave her time to heal me any way she could. For this I could never repay her or find the right words to thank her.

            My faith in God and Lina’s gift is strong and I knew deep down I would be ok but I was hurting and didn’t even want to see my face in the mirror, it was too painful. I worked hard at the old job rather than letting me go, they wanted me dead and my family. It taught me that as much as God and Lina helped me, I had to save myself and that meant not crying and trying not to worry about anything- just positive thoughts to heal myself.

            At the same time, I had to suddenly quit my job and even though I was happy to leave, it felt strange. I had to keep reminding myself that they not only went after me but my family and that is unforgivable. So while trying not to worry, I was freaking out. I decided to write my self a letter and to know it was not my fault.

            Working at [job] has hurt me mentally, physically and emotionally. If I am being honest, since I started there I couldn’t wait to go. It started off great but took a serious toll on my health in every way. I became paranoid and filled with anxiety. Now its sad that it had to come to this but it is NOT my fault. I deserve to be selfish and move on to do what is best for my life. I tried to play nice but it only hurt me and my family more. I know it is the right decision to leave right away. I am strong. I am smart. I deserve better. God Universe will be with me and help to be healthy and strong. God Universe will prevail! I will look forward and move forward with my life. May God Universe give back all the evilness and curses on me and my family and send everything back to my enemies for all eternity. God Universe bring my enemies to justice. I do not forgive them. God Universe will prevail.

            As I read the letter months later, I am so proud of that letter and my strength to move on. After leaving the old job, I knew that evilness would not back down without a fight so I mentally prepared to be cursed by my coworkers very badly. They may have given me the job but I was a hard worker and they in return ruined my life and health. Lina was praying for my family and me from being cursed to die, bells palsy, etc. Spiritually they kept yelling at me that I was ungrateful. My family all felt their own faces drooping and one even had pain in their left ear. We were all innocent and evilness just wanted to control our lives and kill us. It was upsetting to see how jealousy and evilness could affect our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health so badly. Thank you God Universe for helping us survive!

            God assured me that there was nothing to worry about and God is bigger than my enemies. I literally had to practice speaking and say my prayers out loud to help loosen the nerves around my mouth. Because it was only one week since I was attacked with bells palsy, I still had A LOT of healing to do. I dreaded showering because I couldn’t properly close my right eye and had to physically hold down my eye and cover it just to protect it from soap. I could not be in heat or do anything strenuous like exercise or exert too much energy. All of my energy had to be reserved to healing my face. Sleeping was a whole other issue, my body was very tired but my right eye didn’t close and my whole face was very swollen so I would sleep but there was always a slit open with my right eye. Every part of the right side of my face was numb. My nose wouldn’t move, my eye wouldn’t close or blink, my eyebrow wasn’t moving at all; my lips only opened on the left side and my cheeks and eyelids were extremely swollen. I remember how happy I was just to see that my nose was starting to flare again, a simple motion that I never thought of before was now a gift. I would say most of the healing did happen within the first month and by early July at least my right side of my mouth opened and looked normal. However, my face was still swollen and I still couldn’t really close my eye properly then July 18th I was sitting in the prayer room and I noticed that I closed both my eyes and it was dark!! This meant for this first time in almost two months I was starting to blink again and my eye could close. Every little twitch, pain and motion I am grateful for. By late August, my eyes started blinking in sync and most of my face looked normal, internally my facial muscles were still sore. Bells palsy does take at least 6 months to a year in order to fully recover. I will never forgive my enemies for physically deforming my face for no reason except evilness.

            I will never be able to forget what happened but I pray that I can move on with my life and that the curse of bells palsy is destroyed for all of humanity. This whole journey was painful in every way but I am thankful to God Universe and Lina for healing me and helping me to be stronger and healthier. My doctor was not much help but God’s messages and guidelines truly helped me heal and saved my life. I am eternally grateful to the holy family and I love them very much. All I ask is that you destroy my enemies spiritually and physically for all eternity. Thank you. -L.A.


Date: January 2019

Alzheimer's is an incurable disease because it is not known where it comes from. God Universe's messenger, Lina who carefully follows the message, take pictures of the body of the person where you can see the faces of evil spirits that dislocate the body and damages the body with irresistible pain. The spirit that causes Alzheimer’s Fragile is called "Current" and is very poisonous that it can damage the muscles in the legs. In the picture, we see the bones of the knee worn, deformed, and with a lot of pain. Sometimes the person thinks it's just a distortion, but instead it gets worse. Healing can be found through pictures taken by Lina. God Universe gave the messenger the prayer for Alzheimer's Fragile which is the powerful weapon of healing for these types of muscular pains. This Alzheimer's Fragile attacks the whole body and people can remain in a wheelchair for life. Prayer calms the pain by driving away the spirit of sickness. People who have experienced this healing have returned to Lina to thank her for the healing with her prayers.

It is not easy to recognize from where the pain of this spirit, Alzheimer's Fragile, comes from because you feel pains without knowing the reason it attacks on one side or the other side of the body. Lina’s experience with this spirit demon was as follows. She felt very tired and wanted to sleep but couldn’t ever fall asleep. She didn’t have any energy and her tired eyes could not see well. She was losing courage and began to dedicate her prayers and she started to see improvement. For four hours she was fine, and she no longer had pain in her arm, but afterwards she started experiencing pain on her foot that she could not walk. Again she devoted herself to praying and within one hour's time, the pain subsided. When the prayer is done, sometimes the person feels more pain because the spirit fights to come out of the body, but then they will be well. This is the game of the evil spirits of today's occultism that some think is fun but God Universe does not forgive and the people who do these maledictions will be punished for eternity.

Sometimes Alzheimer's Fragile not only affects the muscles but also the mind. These are the symptoms: first it starts with a headache, you feel bored, and you have no patience with anyone. This Alzheimer's is not really a disease; it's a carbonic spirit that uses a person’s mind to make them believe that nobody is smarter than them. Also, this spirit uses a person’s mind to make them believe that nobody does the right things for them. This spirit can make a person become enemies with everyone so that a person loses all their friends and remains alone. People look for help, but cannot find healing. This is the deception of the demons in the world that are hidden by occultism. God Universe does not want his children to be used by the devil. Thus, the messenger wrote this reasoning to give the miracle of the healing of Alzheimer's Fragile to all its people who believe in God Universe. Whoever is experiencing this issue can call (914) 358-1986. Lina is pleased to help you.

Prayer is the powerful weapon that helps Lina because she has suffered a lot and still suffers with atrocious pain. Lina's life is lived through the torture of demons with new problems every day. Therefore, she devoted her life to seeking help from God Universe to make us understand evil, where it comes from, and how to heal. Lina has understood evil by taking photos of the body part with pain, and then looks at the photos where there are faces of spirits. When prayers are done, the spirit goes away from the body of the sick and they receive healing.

This is the beginning of a deformed knee. Over time, the knee gets worse and more painful.

This is the beginning of a deformed knee. Over time, the knee gets worse and more painful.

This is another image of a deformed knee. This is what the possession of the spirit looks like and it causes a lot of pain.

This is another image of a deformed knee. This is what the possession of the spirit looks like and it causes a lot of pain.


Date: January 2019

In 1434, there was a war in Pisa, Italy. The war was a civil war where the human race was being attacked from the christian. During that time, a lady named Maria DiPalma lived there, she was defending her own kind by shooting rocks with slingshots. She killed a lot of people from her house. One day, the christian attacked her with dogs and a wolf and she got killed. They killed the evil body but the evil spirit escaped. The spirit was possessed by evil and they were cursed to be unwanted on earth. This evil spirit still fights today with the spiritual slingshot to destroy the life on earth.

The spirits can be seen on earth today through light that shoots across a room and is seen on security surveillance camera. The light appears out of nowhere and shoots across an area of a room. This light that shoots across the room is the evil spirit that is attacking and it moves just like an object coming from a slingshot. The evil spirit is still around from a past generation of a person and comes to the current generation to attack them.

One way this spirit attacks the body is by causing an itchy, red rash on the skin. The skin has tiny bumps of itchy, red, and hot skin that reacts in severe temperature changes and gets very swollen. A person has this rash for years and multiple types of creams and lotions cannot heal this rash. The rash gets better at times, but then the skin heats up and the swelling and itchiness starts all over again. A person suffered with this for 4 years.